11 Nov 00
10:30 AM


Project Committee

Section Chiefs:
Nash Pherson
Project Chairperson

Aaron Plumley
Media Section Chief

Aaron Scicluna
Information Section Chief

Lori Sobolewski
Liason Section Chief

Minnesota Wing, Civil Air Patrol

SnoDaze '01 will be held on January 27th in Mankato, Minnesota at Mt. Kato Ski Area. Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowblades, and Tubing will be available onsite.

Registration forms must be postmarked by January 15th and mailed to the Information Section Chief, Aaron Scicluna.

Hotel arrangements must be taken care of by attendees and their units. Units are strongly encouraged to network with other units especially to make sure that they have at least 1 senior member to every 10 cadets. The Liason Section Chief, Lori Sobolewski, is here to help units do this. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HOTEL ARRANGEMENTS TODAY!!!

Explore the pages to find out more information about SnoDaze '01. Check the Download Area for the registration form.

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