MN Wing Calendar

Activity Name: Backup Date - Near Space Balloon Launch Date
Dates: 13-Oct-2018 to 13-Oct-2018
Location: Rochester, MN
Activity Type: Cadet Activity
Website: None

Project Officer: Eric Pool
Phone Number: 507-269-5734

Our scheduled launch of the cadet's near space balloon is still scheduled for this Saturday, September 15th starting at 1000 and planned to end around 1200 depending on how efficiently the launch goes. Retrieval of the payload will take longer and require a drive to the landing site. Duration of the flight is estimated at 4 hours and retrieval could take most of the day. Attendance is not required but we would like to include all who are interested. The launch location will be at Century High School, Rochester. Look for a dark gray Land Rover in the parking lot. Uniform is the blue squadron t-shirts. This event is highly dependent on weather. We can NOT fly if visibility is less than 5 miles, ground wind speed is greater than 10 mph, or if it is raining or lightning. I will send out a notice if the launch is canceled via email. We have identified Saturday, October 13th as the backup launch date using the same times as planned for the 15th.