MN Wing Calendar

Activity Name: Bataan Memorial March
Dates: 09-Sep-2017 to 09-Sep-2017
Location: Brainerd Armory and Course
Activity Type: Cadet Activity
Website: None

Project Officer: Lt Heike Dodge
Phone Number: 320.224.5938

Cadets and seniors will participate as individuals and teams in the Brainerd Bataan Memorial March. We had three cadets who completed the half-marathon ruck march last year on their own, and it was suggested this would be a great activity to promote healthy living and good choices since fitness is one of the elements of the cadet program. Lt Heike Dodge is an experienced runner who will instruct cadets about how to set goals over the next 9 weeks to prepare for the walk, including appropriate stretching, walking program, footwear, hydration, etc. as part of our beta Fitness Program. Brainerd's Co A 194th Tank Batallion was particularly hard-hit during the Bataan Death March in 1942. There is one surviving member of that unit who is scheduled to be present. Crow Wing plans to walk as a unit in uniform/unit tee shirts. If other units would like to join us, contact either Lt Dodge or Capt McCarthy via e-mail. More information can be found at