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Argus Image Processing And Archive System

Important Note:  Argus is being decommissioned as of 12/31/2013.  As of 11/30/2013 access is read-only and no new user logins are available.

Training Material


Phyllis Image Processing

Required Support Software

(These two packages must be installed on the user's computer before Phyllis will run.)

Training Material



  • Phyllis User Manual V3 The user manual is also included in the full zip file downloads.

  • Phyllis Zip File Download (Version 20111009, Uploaded 10/10/11) This file should be unzipped onto a blank USB flash drive for use.

  • Phyllis Zip File Download (Uploaded 4/22/12) Version 3, which features about 20% faster processing and eliminates the requirement for .NET Framework 4. Slightly more beta-ish than the 10/10/11 upload but thought to be stable. Unzip onto a blank USB flash drive for use.


Miscellaneous Resources

Observer's Photo Log Sheets

Grid Toy Planning and Tasking Tool

Grid Toy Page (Note: The server currently hosting Grid Toy has limited upload bandwidth, so working with sectional charts is very slow. We will be moving it to a faster server soon.)

Grid Toy Introductory Video