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OpsQuals Frequently Asked Questions

OpsQuals is CAP's Membership Information Management System. This system contains the information about the members achievements. OpsQuals can be accessed from the main page of the national web site. These questions are to assist you in using the OpsQuals system. Please review the tutorials that are provided for OpsQuals on the NHQ site.

What records do I need to keep? CAPR 60-3 requires the individual member to keep records to support all of the qualifications that they hold (CAPR 60-3 para. 2.7). This should include paper copies of signed SQTRs, Certificates, etc.

Unit commanders are also required to maintain all documentation for issuance of qualifications (CAPR 60-3 para.1-4c2) to members

Why do I show as a supervised trainee on several qualifications? When a specialty qualification expires, it automatically reverts to trainee status. Once you have completed the necessary actions to renew the qualification, it will change the specialty to qualified.
What do I need to do to become a Transport Mission Pilot? The requirements for Transport Mission Pilot (TMP) are in CAPR 60-3 para 2.3o:
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Current and Qualified CAP Pilot
  • 100 Hours PIC
  • 50 Hours Cross Country
  • Current GES qualification

You may also require a Commercial license and Class 2 medical to transport non-CAP assets.

Enter your credentials into OpsQuals and your TMP rating will be added to your 101 card after validation by Wng HQ

How do I enter a Cadet's Achievement 1 into OpsQuals
  • Go into OpsQuals on the right hand side.
  • Click on "General ES & Pilot Task Data Entry (Task Level) at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the member's CAPID and click submit.
  • Click on the link that says "Record completed tasks for new member achievement" on the right hand side of the screen.
  • On the left hand side, click the "+" symbol next to "Cadet Programs"
  • Click the "+" symbol next to "Achievement 1 (Curry)"
  • Click "Achv 1 Requirements"
  • Enter all the dates for all of the requirements and click save.
  • Click on "validate achievements or tasks" at the top of the screen.
  • Click "Yes" on the warning message that is shown.
  • Under scope, select the unit
  • Click the appropriate unit
  • Find the cadet's tasks and select validate next to each of them.
  • Click confirm.
  • Another task will show up requiring you to validate Achievement 1 as a whole. Click Validate next to that task and press Confirm again.

The cadet should now have Achievement 1 registered in the NHQ database.

If these answers did not address your issue, please contact a member of the MN Wing ES team.

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