What does The Minnesota

Civil Air Patrol do?

Mentorship of Our Future Leaders

Youth 12 to 21 are taught the importance of serving their community, respecting one another, leadership, physical fitness, self-disciple and teamwork in the Civil Air Patrolís Cadet Programs.

Search and Rescue

85% percent of all inland searches in the United States are conducted by the volunteers of the Civil Air Patrol!

Using technically advanced equipment, highly trained air and ground teams locate crashed airplanes, lost campers and hikers, disabled vehicles and much more.

Disaster Relief

Whether itís helping fill sandbags to protect homes from floods or providing medical assistance to victims of tragic events, the

Civil Air Patrol works side-by-side with local, state and federal emergency responders to assist their community at a momentís notice.

Aerospace Education

Since the Wright Brothersí first flight in 1903, aviation has been an important part of the American culture.† The way we live, work and travel has been shaped by this ever evolving industry.† The Civil Air Patrol provides aerospace education to help stimulate the communityís interest to help ensure the continued success of this very important industry.