MN Wing Calendar

Activity Name: Meet & Greet with the Navy Blue Angels
Dates: 23-Jul-2021 to 23-Jul-2021
Location: Fargo Airport old Terminal area
Activity Type: Aerospace Education Event
Website: None

Project Officer: Lois Kriegh
Phone Number: 2182806011

We have been invited to join the ND Wing Meet & Greet with the Navy Blue Angels. Date: Friday 23rd. July 2021 Location: Old Terminal Area of the Fargo, ND Airport. Time: 0800hrs. Sharp to sign in. Uniform is Blues if you have them or ABU. Seniors can wear Corprate. This will be outdoor. Temperatures are going to be possible 100 to 105 degrees. Please prepare for heat. Drink lots of water, sunscreen, bring water bottles or camel backs, canteens. There might be vending machines. Bring cash. *No Peanut products due to members with sever Peanut Allergies. Some units will stop for lunch. Bring money for food. Safety: Keep an eye on each other for heat related issues. It should be a great trip and amazing experience. Crookston Unit is leaving from the Crookston McDonalds at 0630hours to be in Fargo by 0800hrs.