MN Wing Calendar

Activity Name: Active Shooter Simulation
Dates: 07-Jan-2023 to 07-Jan-2023
Location: Northfield Middle School
Activity Type: Emergency Services Training
Website: None

Project Officer: Keith Kluzak
Phone Number: 507-450-8550

The training is directed to law enforcement, fire, and ems responders from agencies across SE MN. CAP members will serve as role players for the first responders. Time: 10:00-17:00 UOD: ABU Bring your own lunch This is not a CAP activity. Pursuant to CAP's General Counsel, participation must be limited to members over the age of 18, and CAPF 60-81 for Special Activity and 60-82 for High Adventure Activity must be used. "Blank ammunition will be used during the training. All involved will need to wear a paintball mask (provided) to protect the head and face. Hearing protection will also be provided and encouraged. For the record, no student volunteers will be intentionally placed in the line of fire, used as hostages or placed next to a person intended to be a target." Accordingly, in addition to the above guidance from NHQ, if any 18 year old high school student participates, they should not be placed in the situation highlighted above. With those caveats, it is approved from the legal perspective.