Minnesota Wing CAP

2020 Minnesota Wing Conference & Formal Change of Command

Actual Change of Command will occur on 18 April 2020
Dates corrected for COVID-19 guidance

15 - 17 May 2020
Cragun's Resort

Come to learn, to socialize, to network, to be recognized and to have fun!

Conference Details

Conference Registration**

Cadet Early Bird 'till 15 April 2020: $32.00 - Cadets must order the banquet.

Senior Early Bird 'till 15 April 2020: $35.00.

After April 15, 2020 a $25.00 late fee will apply. Please be sure to register early to NOT incur the late fee.

** Conference registration does not include hotel reservation, Saturday evening banquet or individual meals.
Cadets are required to attend the Saturday Evening Banquet

CADETS have additional registration requirements:

Cadets must complete the CAPF 60-81 as part of the Registration Process:
All cadets under 18 years of age must have their parent/guardian's signature and their squadron commander's signature.
Cadets 18 years of age and older need only have their squadron commander's signature.

All Cadets are required to attend the Saturday Evening Banquet and the Military Ball.


  • NO MONEY will be collected at wing conference.
  • If you do not have your payment to wing by 1 May 2020 your registration will be cancelled.
  • No cadet will be fully registered without the fully completed and legible CAPF 60-81 e-mailed
         to carrie.niemann@mncap.org by 1 May 2020.
         If your CAPF 60-81 is not received by the deadline your registration will be cancelled without a refund. Get this completed EARLY!
  • Deadline to sign up and pay for meals 1 May 2020.
  • NO refunds after 1 May 2020.

    Cadet Protection Requirements

  • Cadets not registered for the conference will be sent home immediately.
  • Cadets will not be allowed to have guests attend the conference with them.
  • If cadets drive themselves to the conference, they will be required to turn their keys in when they check in.
    • Friday Curfew is midnight.
    • Saturday Curfew is 1-hr after the military ball concludes.
  • When making room reservations please make a note in the special requests if this is a male or female cadet room.
  • Individual Meals for an Additional Cost

  • Saturday Breakfast - $11.75
    • Buffet: eggs, breakfast meat, breakfast potatoes, fresh fruit, coffee, tea, milk, juices
  • Saturday Lunch - $14.00
    • Soup and Sandwich Buffet: Fresh Fruit Bowl, Carrot & Celery Sticks w/ Dip, Cole Slaw, Assorted Breads, Sliced Ham & Turkey,
      Cheddar & Swiss Cheeses, Potato Chips, vegetable broth soup, Assorted Cookie Tray, Coffee / Water / Lemonade.
    • Green Salad w/ Ranch & French Dressing, Broccoli Salad, Irma’s Pot Roast w/ Beef Gravy (GF),
      Berry Glazed Chicken Breast (GF), Mashed Potatoes, Beef Gravy (GF),
      Seasonal Vegetables, Dinner Rolls w/ Butter, Chocolate Mousse Cup w/ Whipped Cream.
  • Sunday Breakfast - $11.75
    • Buffet: eggs, breakfast meat, breakfast potatoes, fresh fruit, coffee, tea, milk, juices
  • Complimentary Sunday Breakfast CC/CAC Members Only!
    • Breakfast for Commanders and CAC Primary Representatives only.


    If you have already registered for the conference and with Cragun's, your registration
    and lodging will automatically be transferred to the new dates. If you can't attend the
    conference on the new dates, please let carrie.niemann@mncap.org and Cragun's know.
    Your conference registration will then be canceled and your conference fees will be fully refunded.
    We are working with Cragun's regarding a refund of any lodging fees paid to them.

    Conference Registration

    Click here to go to the Registration Site

    Hotel Reservations at Cragun's Resort on Gull Lake, Brainerd MN

    To reduce cost and encourage attendance at Wing Conference, the Conference Committee is pleased to announce that
    cadets will be allowed to stay in the Cragun’s cabins again this year - provided cadet protection regulations and several best practices are strictly followed.


  • Cadets are not allowed to make reservations or check-in on their own.

  • All reservations for cabins must be made by a senior member of the squadron that will be responsible for that cabin.
    This senior member is required to check-in for that cabin.

  • The squadron must ensure that Cadet Protection regulations are strictly followed, including, but not limited to,
    CAPR 60-2, section 2.7.5, “Hotel-Based Events.” Adult leaders should discuss risk analysis with their squadron
    commander and review this section in particular.

  • You must let Cragun’s know that you are a part of CAP when registering, so that CAP’s room-rental minimums are met
    (and so that you get the discounted rate).

  • At least one adult leader must be present any time a cadet is in a cabin. If only one cadet is present, there must be
    two adult members. Non-CAP members do not count toward adult supervision numbers unless they are cadet sponsor
    members who have completed Cadet Protection Program Training.

  • Non-members (parents, children, relatives) are NOT allowed to stay in a cabin bedroom with anyone except their own
    family members. Examples of non-member lodging options in a cabin include:
    • Parents and their own children stay in the same bedroom with no non-relatives.

    • Parents and non-members stay in a bedroom of their own with no cadets at all, and their related cadets stay in one
      or more separate bedrooms with other cadets.

  • Cadets (and senior members) should be encouraged to continuously conduct themselves ONLY in a manner that brings honor upon themselves, their units, and Civil Air Patrol.

  • The Wingman program must be strictly adhered to where cadets must go about in teams at all times and
    keep their senior members informed as to where they are.

  • The senior in charge of their squadron’s cadets must give the conference staff a rooming list stating which cadets
    are in which room/cabin and who is in charge of that room/cabin.

  • Make your reservation directly with Cragun's:


    Use the link above for our discounted pricing.


    6th Annual RC Flight Competition – Lt Col Paul Prior

    Every Year, this annual competition has grown in popularity. The object of this competition is to fly your
    simulated aircraft around a virtual windsock pole and have the aircraft reusable and without damage . . . Safety First.
    If your aircraft is damaged - your time does not count.

    There will be separate First, Second and Third Place trophies for both Cadet and Senior Members
    with the lowest elapsed times to complete the mission.

    MN Wing Free Flight Competition – Lt Col Paul Prior

    To further promote Civil Air Patrol’s Aerospace Education mission, Minnesota Wing will hold a build-and-fly Free Flight contest for indoor model airplanes. There are two separate competition categories for Cadets and Senior Members. Per the previously announced Free Flight competition rules (SEE 2020 MNWG Aerospace Education Newsletters), each squadron may submit one (1) Cadet Team entry and one (1) Senior Team entry.

    There are separate 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Trophies for both Cadet and Senior Members competitions.
    Everyone is welcome to observe this fun, educational, recreational and social Aerospace Education activity!

    Friday Training Opportunitiy

    First Aid Training – 1Lt Greg Jorvig

    If you are looking to become Emergency Services qualified, join us on Friday afternoon for your first aid training.
    This course will complete the qualification in eServices and allow you to print your First Aid card.

    Saturday Breakout Sessions

    Looking Sharp in Uniform – SMSgt Jon Vanderhoof

    We will discuss the myriad CAP uniform combinations available today. A review of the uniform manual,
    general wear policy, and grooming standards are just a few of the items to be discussed. – 50 mins.

    What prospective Air Force Academy cadets need to know! – Lt Col Ron Killins

    An informative session with a question and answer period for CAP cadets interested in attending the
    United States Air Force Academy. – 50 mins

    Administration Open discussion – Lt Col Gerry Rosenzweig

    An open discussion of issues of interest to unit Administrative Officers – 30 mins

    A Far-Out Idea – 1Lt Terry Wendorf

    In this demonstration, you will create electricity directly from heat (temperature gradient).
    An observation by Thomas Seebeck in 1821 has led to this method of power generation in use for the
    Voyager Space Probes, now sending us data from beyond our solar system. – 50 mins

    STEM Kits 101 - 1Lt Patrick Kooiker

    This class will walk you through what the STEM Kits are, how to order them, a brief sample of a course,
    how to market it to Cadets/Seniors, and finally post reporting (pictures!) into Civil Air Patrol’s
    e-Services/Facebook/squadron page, and how to get the next kit. This is the tips and tricks to make sure
    you are not going months without a STEM kit on hand. We will also talk briefly about what STEM kits are
    quickly reusable, and which ones are wholly consumed by the projects. This also counts toward the
    CAP STEM badge for Cadets! – 50 mins

    Raspberry Pi STEM Kit Highlight for Beginners – 1Lt Patrick Kooiker

    During this session, the Raspberry Pi STEM kit will be highlighted. This session is intended for those
    who have not worked on Pi’s, and/or maybe do not have a strong or no Linux background. We will be presenting
    CAP National’s Raspberry Pi STEM kit, and highlighting the easier experiments, and possibly build a
    Raspberry Pi kit during the session. This will help familiarize folks what comes in the Raspberry Pi STEM kit,
    and from beginner to advanced things you can accomplish with the kit. We will also have web resources we will be
    passing out and slides with information from https://www.raspberrypi.org/. This is a great primer for
    Cyber Patriot competitions! – 50 mins

    Proper Care and Feeding of AEMs– 1Lt Dennis Swanson

    Aerospace Education Members (AEMs) are an integral part of Civil Air Patrol's AE mission. Currently,
    Minnesota Wing has 162 AEMs. The discussion will include tips for Squadron Aerospace Education Officers,
    Recruiting/Retention Officers, and Commanders on WHY we should recruit AEMs, and HOW and WHERE to recruit them.
    The discussion will include what type of follow-on relationship should we expect with the AEMs near our squadrons.
    Recruiting AEMs is STRATEGIC: we want the educator to favorably view CAP, because they have access to the youth
    that CAP would like to recruit as cadets; CAP desires that educators are comfortable recommending the CAP
    program to their students!

    Aerospace Education Reporting Explained! – Lt col Paul Prior

    Learn the “Do’s and Don’ts” and tips and tricks of Aerospace Education Reporting. This session is a great
    learning opportunity for Unit Aerospace Education Officers, Assistants, and Unit Commanders. – 50 mins

    Cadets – Phase 1 & 2 – Lt Col Ellen Browning

    Discuss opportunities in the wing and beyond in the cadet programs. Q & A with current Phase 4 cadets. – 50 mins.

    Cadets – Phase 3 & 4 – Lt Col Ellen Browning

    Discuss the best practices and share ideas for the wing. – 50 mins.

    Cadets Wing Leadership Problem Activity – Lt Col Ellen Browning

    Interactive activity that focus on teamwork, leadership and communication in a fun way involving the wing. – 50 mins.

    Servant Leadership – Lt Col Jill Holm

    What is Servant Leadership? How is it demonstrated. – 30 mins.

    Disaster Radio Operations – Lt Col Ron MacCarthy

    What happens when a number of organizations with, or without, organic communication assets
    respond to a disaster? What will be the environment, CAP personnel will have to work in. – 50 mins

    Exploring Diversity and Inclusion In CAP Through Candy – Capt Corie Anderson

    In this session we will discuss non-discrimination and the benefits of diversity and inclusivity in Civil
    Air Patrol. Do you always pick out the purple Skittles? Or do you only eat the blue M&Ms? Attendees should come
    with an appetite for learning and open minds to try new things. – 50 mins

    Documentation – Lt Col Blane Pierson

    This class will talk about one of the most important things in CAP, documentation. Come and find out the how,
    what, when, where, and why of documentation. This is designed for members at all levels of the organization. – 50 mins

    Common Finance forms, how to fill out without the headaches? – Maj Marty Sommer

    We will go over check requests, deposit Advice, CAPF 172, and Budget Preparation. Practical information for
    squadron commanders, finance officers and squadron members on complying with Wing and National finance requirements. – 50 mins


    Learn how to properly and quickly close discrepancies from your SUI. We’ll review common discrepancies and show
    you what the IG needs to close your SUI. Come with questions! – 50 mins

    Contracts - When Do I need One? – Lt Col Kevin Dunlevy

    Contracts are required in many situations for insurance purposes. This session will help you to determine when you
    need one and how to go about submitting for approval up to national. – 50 mins

    The year in Review – Lt Col Kevin Dunlevy

    For legal officers only: Review Wing legal matters for the past year and to discuss future legal matters. – 50 mins

    Logistics In Transit – Lt Col Bill Rutten

    Worried about that vehicle inspection? What is a form 73? How do I get the COV fixed? What happens if the
    estimate of repair is over $500? What do I do with old form 73’s and repair receipts? If these are questions that
    you have asked yourself, then stop by the breakout session for Logistics. Bring your vehicle’s book and the Vehicle
    Operations Binder. We will go through that and update whatever needs to be updated.
    So, Commanders, have someone there with your VOB! – 50 mins

    Meet the New Wing Director of Operations – Capt Greg Erickson

    An introduction to the New Wing Director of Operations. Bring your Ideas and Concerns for an
    open discussion of Wing Operations Issues. – 50 mins

    Seven Tips for Using Social Media to Strengthen Relations with Key Civil Air
    Patrol Audiences and Customers – Capt Randall Knox

    Do you want to expand your squadron's use of social media to increase public awareness? Social media has
    several distinct advantages over traditional print media channels--more precise targeting of messages and audiences,
    enhanced tracking of impact, and analytical tools for insight to results. Bring a laptop or electronic devise for some
    hands-on, behind the scenes social media exploration. – 50 mins

    Growth As A Wing, As A Squadron, And As A RRO – 1Lt Dennis Swanson

    During the breakout session, the Director of Recruiting & Retention will recap the RR activities of the MN WIng.
    The session will identify hints and tips on types of activities that help the recruiting activity be effective.
    The session will walk through the requirements that an RRO needs to complete to advance in the RRO specialty track.
    There will also be a discussion on how to award recruiter credit in eServices for the hard-working recruiters in our units.

    Safety – l Lt Richard Wayman

    Small UAS program for CAP – Maj Thomas Fitzhenry

    Learn about the new CAP sUAS program. I will discuss who can be involved, the requirements, and the airframes
    that CAP will be using. If weather and time permits there also will be a demo flight.
    This session is for all members regardless of age. – 110 mins

    Total Quality Squadron – Capt Richard Chronis

    What is "Total Quality?" What makes for a Total Quality Squadron? Join in the discussion with C/Col Iva Hammitt,
    C/Capt Kayla Wayman, & Chaplain Richard Chronis. Share what you have learned & hear what the experts have to say as well.
    All seniors & cadets are encouraged to attend. – 50 mins

    Sunday Morning Meetings

    Cadet Advisory Council

    The Cadet Advisory Council will meet to discuss cadet issues. Each squadron should have 1 primary member in attendance.
    Other cadets are welcome to attend.

    Commander’s Calls for Groups and Wing

    Senior members only All squadron commanders should plan on attending the group and wing meetings. If you are unable
    to attend, please coordinate with your squadron to have a representative in your place.

    Civil Air Patrol - Minnesota Wing Headquarters
    6275 Crossman Lane, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
    Phone 651-291-0462   Fax: 651-552-7007
    Directions to Wing HQ Facility